The evil of banality

The writer, theorist and academic Mark Fisher recently set up a Facebook page called ‘Boring Dystopia’, and invited the submission of photographs of Britain in the 21st century to illustrate the concept. Manifestations of dullness and decay have long been an interest of mine, particularly the places where the banal and the broken intersect, and the true, terrible, tedious horror of modern life is revealed.

How good is a cheap smartphone?

The Vertu comes with a super-robust sapphire display screen and boasts 64GB of internal memory. It has a 13 megapixel camera and also claims to have 300 hours stand-by battery life.

It’s a top spec with a top price tag - but before you start selling the family silver you no longer need to dig that deep for a decent smartphone, said CSS Insight analyst Ben Wood.

“I think £200 is a lot of money for a phone now,” he told the BBC.