Ghost Signs to be saved

Article from the BBC on the old signs recently uncovered and the attempts to save them.

Decades-old advertisements uncovered in Essex will stay on show after a campaign was launched to preserve them. The vintage signs, thought to be from the 1920s, were revealed when a JCDecaux billboard was removed from Meredith Road, Clacton, last month. Blogger Danny Sloggett won support on social media after he called for the so-called “ghost signs” to be saved.

A JCDecaux spokewoman said its billboard had been “permanently removed” and would not be replaced. But she was unable to confirm why the company had taken the decision. Mr Sloggett described the move as “wonderful” and said he felt his efforts had been appreciated. “I think it’s great that they might have taken notice of what we were saying. So many things have been ruined and it’s good to rectify something from our past,” he said.