Stranger Things

It's really no wonder that lots of TV and film is so poor nowadays. The younger generation of film-makers and so forth will look at the gushing reviews of a show like 'Stranger Things' and think "Hey, no need to do the legwork, no need to dream up original ideas. Just take all the best scenes from our favourite books and movies, mix them up and call it an homage."

I've nothing against homages and revival stuff where the artist takes a couple of cues from older material and weaves in something else to create something new and exciting. What I really dislike is just wholesale lifting of other movie makers work because you do not have any talent or imagination whatsoever or are too lazy to try and come up with original work of your own.

I'm all for 80s revival entertainment, I really love it when artists evoke that era yet giving it some unique twist.
But Stranger Things has none of that. It nauseatingly borrows from almost everyone else without a single original idea of its own. There isn't a single thing in it that hasn't been done before - often much better. 
Lots of stuff these days references older movies (particularly the 70's & 80's) but with Stranger Things, I've never seen such a staggering attempt to pillage the past without any qualms or accountability. There is a fine line between an homage and just plain stealing.